Day meetings, product launches and workshops

Hold your next network meeting, board meeting or product launch at Byens Plantetorv, where old industry, steel and concrete meets nature and a green oasis. Under the 10 meter old ceiling, you can hold meetings and day events in our indoor greenhouse.

The greenhouse is far from the classic meeting room. It is in the middle of our green oasis, which functions as a plant center from Thursday to Sunday with a daily routine of looking after plants and customers in the hall. It is precisely this life across everyday life that makes Byens Plantetorv a unique place to hold your daily event. If it needs to be a little more private, the shop is closed Monday to Wednesday, where you can have it to yourself.

We are happy to help arrange it all for you, but it is also possible to rent the greenhouse and take care of it all yourself.


At Byens Plantetorv, everything is made according to a device for sustainable construction, where we build and create with respect for the old building and with a focus on recycled materials. The same applies to the beautiful greenhouse, which is made of old steel and glass from closed Danish nurseries.

The historic building is unheated, and the greenhouse is therefore heated with additional heat sources. 


Contact Pernille for showings and rental prices at


(In the winter term 2022/2023, it is not possible to rent the hall)