In the summer, we have filled the Byens Plantetorv with plants, which create a green oasis in the middle of all the raw and old industry in the large machine hall.

Most of the original elements have been preserved, and both time and wear have left their mark with a multitude of different surfaces, backgrounds and odd angles that can form the framework for your images, whether for collection shoots, fashion series, music videos or something third.


The machine hall has a 38 meter long ceiling window which provides natural light, the original automatic gate with unique windows and a sea of ​​cool details with graffiti, steel and details from the old shipyard days.


It is possible to rent for photoshoots for half a day (up to 5 hours) or a full day (up to 8 hours).

Contact Pernille for showings and rental prices at

(In the winter half of 2022/2023, it is not possible to rent the hall )