More than a garden center.


Byens Plantetorv is one of the old machine halls from the old B&W shipyard on Refshaleøen. In the past it was referred to as Port 33.


Today, it has been transformed into a plant shop for the city dwellers, where raw industry, nature, history and aesthetics meet under the 10-metre-old ceiling with the enormous skylight.


From Thursday to Sunday, the shop is open, and the 500 m2 hall is buzzing with life with the care of plants and customers in the old hall.

All this at the same time as we use the unique surroundings for day meetings, photoshoots, product launches, intimate dinners and much more.

It is precisely this life across everyday life, where everything must be able to exist at the same time and compliment each other, that makes the machine hall a unique place to hold events or use as a setting for visual narratives.

Byens Plantetorv is the heart of the old hall, which is why we never close the shop exceptionally. All events must be held with respect for the conditions of the building and all the living plants, which is why we assess from time to time what is possible.


Everything has been set up with respect for the old building and with a focus on recycled materials and sustainable construction. The same applies to the beautiful greenhouse, which is made of old steel and glass from closed Danish nurseries.


The historic and original building is unheated, but the greenhouse can be heated with additional heat sources.