Byens Plantetorv is an urban garden center for all of us in the city who need a little extra guidance on how to make our homes and small outdoor spaces a little more greener. We therefore focus on plants that will thrive in an apartment, on a balcony or in a small garden in the city.

It could be that you only have limited space to live out your green fingers, or that you just don't know much about how to keep a plant alive.

In that case, we would like to help you find the right plant for you, and guide you to which plants can tolerate standing in a dark bathroom, and which plants thrive on a sunny windowsill, etc.

And you can repot everything at the old machinery, when you are there and avoid the mess at home.

It is possible to rent our greenhouse for corporate meeting and events as well as photoshoots.   

Plants are organic and living things, so we can never give guarantees of survival, but we will do our best to equip you as well as possible so that you get off to a good start with the care of your plants.

Byens Plantetorv is located in a beautiful, old machinery on Refshaleøen, where we have reused as many elements as we could from the old shipyard days. Unfortunately, our large room is not heated, so in addition to the fact that you must remember warm clothes in winter, our range will also vary according to season and temperature.