Rent the greenhouse at Byens Plantetorv for an out-of-the-ordinary dinner

Inside the old machine hall and 10 meters below the old ceiling, we have built a beautiful greenhouse from old steel and glass from disused nurseries.

As a small, intimate room, in the great hall, the greenhouse is something completely different from the usual dining room. It is without crackling tablecloths and polished cutlery, but instead with a completely unique atmosphere in the middle of the historical setting on RefshaleĂžen and in the light of the evening sky from the attic window.

Here you sit in the middle of our green oasis, which functions as a plant center from Thursday to Sunday with a daily routine of looking after plants and customers in the hall.

It is possible to rent the greenhouse and take care of it all yourself, but if it becomes a bit too big a task, we are also happy to help put together the evening for you.

The historic building is unheated, and on cool evenings the greenhouse is therefore heated with additional heat sources. There is room for up to 25 people in the greenhouse and it is not possible to hold parties or events later than 24:00.

Contact Pernille for showings and rental prices at

(In the winter term 2022/2023, it is not possible to rent the hall)