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Do you want your own little garden on the balcony,

but don't know what can thrive where you live?

Regardless of whether you have sun all day or almost never, we put together a plant package that suits your conditions.

You choose the light conditions that suit your home, and then we choose the plants that will thrive where you live and deliver them directly to your home.

All you have to do is:


· Choose how much sun you have on your balcony or terrace on a summer day

· Find the theme of plants you want, for example flowering or edible.

· Add pots, raised beds or garden tools if you are missing something at home

· Buy the package and write the desired delivery date in the note. You will receive an order confirmation confirming the delivery time within a short time.



The plant package is suitable for a raised bed or 3-6 pots on the balcony.


The plant packages will always be put together based on what best suits the season, the farm environment and the gardener's harvest,

and it is therefore not possible to wish for specific plants,

but you can choose whether, for example, you want a flowering or edible garden.


When you receive your plants, just put on the gardening gloves

and follow the attached planting and care instructions to give your plants the best possible start.


Delivery is only possible in Copenhagen.


Planter til krukker med sol hele dagen
Plant package for a balcony with a minimum of 6 hours of sun per day
  • From 795,00 kr
Planter til altan med sol  halvdelen af dagen
Plant package for balcony with 4 - 6 hours of sun per day
  • From 795,00 kr
Planter til skygge altan
Plant package for balcony with shade most of the day
  • 1.095,00 kr