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Find your creative side and make your own flower prints, macramé lamps, cuttings and much more.

The DIY kits come with detailed instructions on how to get started.

Gaveidé planter
Plant Care Kit
  • 250,00 kr
Hængeplante gør det selv
Macramé kit
  • 150,00 kr

Sold out

Plante tryk
Cyanotype kit
  • 300,00 kr
Deluxe pre-germination & cuttings gift kit
  • 250,00 kr
Kort med plante
Card with aloe vera incl. envelope
  • 30,00 kr
Pack of 12 botanical cyanotype cards
  • 150,00 kr
Kort med plante kaktus
Card with cactus incl. envelope
  • 30,00 kr