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The imperfect, organic Christmas trees

Order now organic, 2nd grade Christmas trees from Geerslettegaard in North Zealand.

All the trees are imperfect and are often rejected because of their quirky (and to us, therefore charming) appearance.

The Christmas trees are a more sustainable choice to keep the Christmas tradition alive.

In Christmas 2022, we only deliver Christmas trees in Copenhagen.


Did you know that organic Christmas trees take 40% longer to grow without the use of sprays and pesticides? It also typically costs three times as much to grow compared to conventional Christmas trees, as the natural growth requires more manual work. And by the way, it costs the same to grow imperfect Christmas trees as perfect ones.

When you hand them in at a recycling station after Christmas, they will be sent for composting and contribute to a positive C02 account - and the organic trees also contribute to better groundwater.

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